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>> >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. the rain is falling but the infield is covered up and giants fever is heating up. we'll take a look at how to get tickets coming up. >> and you could call it a swing state sprint. why the presidential candidates could be in for an october surprise today. >> heavy rain in parts of the bay area this morning. will that continue for the worlds? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the accidents are rolling in because of that rain. details on those hot spots in a few minutes. all right, gianna. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, time to play a little ball. it's october 24. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle griego is off. the world series kicks off at 5:07 in san francisco. giants at home against the tigers, first two here, next three in detroit. we have live team coverage coming up. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is going to tell you how to avoid all the traffic headaches this afternoon but first, we kick it
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off with anne makovec over at at&t park where the security sweeps i guess have already begun, right, anne. >> reporter: they are about to. i'm here along lot waterfront promenade in front of mccovey cove. we have to get out of the area because security sweeps are about to begin. they have been preparing the field for some time. they have it covered up so all the rain we're seeing this morning just sprinkles right now won't ruin the field for tonight's game which starts at 5:07 p.m. over the past 24 hours, crews have been sprucing up willie mays plaza and inside the giants dugout store fans are going wild for anything orange and black. local businesses are also gearing up to serve the hundreds of people expected to come to the area today and for game 2, as well. as for getting inside of the park, we have been monitoring some of the ticket selling websites. the average price for a ticket for games one and two is $700. three hundred dollars to $400
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for standing room only and you have to beware of the counterfeit tickets. >> as we go round by round more of them surface and you can't get into the turnstiles. so you don't really want to buy a ticket from someone you don't know. >> one fan was posting a game for a million dollars for reserve seats. >> reporter: at&t has a relationship with the website stubhub so ticket buyers there have protection at the box office. if you are not a huge sports fan, giants fever is still all over fan. you can see orange lights and decorations, the fairmont hotel transformed inside and out with giants pride everywhere you look. back here live at at&t park, you can watch the game for free. they will rotate people who line up and i'm guessing people will start lining up within in the next few hours at the park. it's a decent view of the field
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for what you're paying, nothing. i'm anne makovec. let's check in with cate caugiran who has more on transportation for the game. >> reporter: as anne said, there will be people lining up hours before the game. they will be coming in. so we are expecting a lot of crowds along with the hype and excitement and city leaders say in order to enjoy your day, they have a plan in place for you to get around. now, we can expect to see thousands of giants and tigers fans early this morning. first pitch isn't until 5:07 but free game activities start at 1:30. there will be plenty of ways to get to and from the city today. vallejo baylink ferry will have a ferry for each game of the series this week. mta is scheduling eight additional baseball shuttles to the ballpark starting about three hours before the game. bart will be running longer trains and additional event trains. also have extra staff on hand to help customers navigate bart. and mayor lee says they have been working overtime to make sure that they are ready.
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>> we're having to go about our work in a very time constrained way to make sure that everyone who comes here whether it's to our airport or to muni and public transportation all are taken care of. >> now, if you are planning to take any of these objections to get to at&t park transit leaders are encouraging you to buy your tickets ahead of time. each form of transit is offering prepaid fares and they say it's best to plan ahead. i know the embarcadero station where we're at right now is going to offer those roundtrip tickets starting at 2:00 so if you can have a break around lunchtime just after lunchtime you might want to stop in. plan ahead and save massive lines that you will see today if you are heading to or from the park. live by the embarcadero, cate caugiran, cbs 5. giants fans may have to get creative if they want to get into tonight's game. ticket prices are through the roof. and if you don't have the cash you better have another plan. >> here's some ideas. how about eating a cockroach? cashing in your kids' college fund? fans telling the "san francisco chronicle" they are willing to
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jump into the bay in their underwear. even walk across the street on their hands just to get their hands on a couple of tickets. we have been asking this morning, what would you do to get giants tickets? how far would you go? >> he may not make the game. comment on facebook or twitter, or email us at >> and lawrence said that he would get naked, right, and get in the bay? >> yes, i would! okay? yes, i would do it. animal style into the bay! >> that would be a ratings bonanza? >> we have to wait for a couple of days for that. i can stiffly getno cockroaches! heavy rain in spots. up the 280 and 101 watch out for cells moving through right now and that stronger band just off the coastline. so some rain to begin the day. i think as we head throughout
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the day, looks like things will taper off into the afternoon. a little cool in spots, as well. 40s and 50s now. afternoon hours partly cloudy skies very similar to yesterday. there is a chance we could see a wandering shower move through but staying mostly dry by the afternoon and that means also for the game just a slight chance of showers for the world series. that he was the latest from here. let's head over to gianna. >> speaking of those showers, it's slowing things down on the road. in fact, let's go live to conditions along 580 as you work your way towards the dublin interchange. we have a row of cars there so slow speeds towards 680 there. now the altamont pass pass delays as well westbound. westbound 580 brake lights towards 680. 22 minutes through there. also we do have a mobile unit across the bay bridge right now in our a.c. transit bus there. you can see traffic moving along on the upper deck of the bay bridge. bay bridge. earlier problems are cleared on the lower deck. wind advisories for the bay bridge, backed up approaching the toll plaza.
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north 880 an accident at broadway, one at 7th. looks like they may have been spinouts. also two accidents along 280. one at cesar chavez and one in mariposa. these are possibly blocking lanes so give yourself some extra time. we are getting reports of vehicles spinning out especially as they exit on and off the freedoms. that's a look at traffic. a fiery plane crash yesterday afternoon in east contra costa county killed two people on board. this is the crash scene. that plane went down in a farmer's field near the byron airport. witnesses say they heard the plane sputter before it crashed. both pilot and passenger were killed. their names haven't been released. a man at a social services center in east oakland shot video when he saw a confrontation going on. a pregnant woman got into a verbal fight with employees yesterday morning. she refused to go when she was asked to leave. her boyfriend stepped in. the witnesses say deputies hit him after they got him cuffed. >> he was handcuffed already on
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the floor. and it was a lot of witnesses. he was handcuffed. and they start kneeing him again and punching him on his head. >> you're only seeing a small snapshot of th whole thing. the punch was within county policy. >> they will investigate the incident only if someone files a complaint. alameda police are warning people to keep doors and windows locked after a series of break-ins in the area last week. they have been in and area bordered by willow and regent streets. otis drive and pacific avenue. they think the same person is responsible for the burglaries. the suspect is described as in his early 20s, slender and about 6 feet tall with short braided black hair. eleven fire stations could be closed in the contra costa county fire protection district if voters don't pass a tax measure. measure q on the november ballot calls for a 75-dollar annual parcel tax in the district. if the measure fails, the "contra costa times" says four
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of the closure will happen this coming january with as many as six more by 2015. the metropolitan transportation commission will meet in oakland today to decide how to dole out money to bay area transit agencies. among the issues is a proposal to offer free service to low income youth on the muni transit system in san francisco. some lawmakers say the money could be better spent. indiana senate candidate richard mourdock has sparked the latest political controversy over rape and abortion. >> in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that god intended to happen. >> his democratic opponent joe donnelly called mourdock's remarks shocking and disrespectful to survivors of rape. gop presidential nominee governor romney says he is distancing himself from this
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candidate. it's a long sprint to the presidential race with both candidates scrambling for the edge in key swing states and they are on the move today. president obama will travel 5300 miles for events in iowa, colorado, nevada and finally here in southern california. republican challenger mitt romney is doing a lot of heavy traveling himself with stops today in reno and iowa. two people who are known for putting themselves in the spotlight claim they are about to reveal information that could change the entire presidential race. one of them is billionaire donald trump. a romney supporter has raised questions about president obama's birthplace. new york magazine says his may have something to do with divorce papers in the president's past. no one is actually confirming that. meanwhile celebrity attorney gloria allred and obama supporter says she will soon reveal some "juicy details about a key romney supporter." >> can hardly wait.
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[ laughter ] 6:10. a deadly shark attack off california's coast. >> and it could be the start of a pretty great ski season. snow falling steady this morning in the sierra. we'll have a live report on the conditions. >> and is there a carry-on fee for a cub? a baby bear causes quite the commotion at an airport. coming up. [ male announcer ] t when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. citibank popmoney. easier banking. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. airport. an orphaned bear cub was spd at the montana airport yesterday. fish and game darted the cub and took hima lab where his health will be evaluated. officials say the cub's ap was it was a wildlife adventure at a montana airport. fish & game took the cub to a sanctuary where he will be evaluated. there were no delays or interruptions at the busy airport in montana. [ laughter ]
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>> what do you expect in montana? >> right. some breaking news. it is raining in the bay area. >> it is! a slick commute. but it's actually snowing out in the sierra. and that's where sean bennett is live from blue canyon where i guess drivers need to carry chains this morning. good morning, sean. >> reporter: it's always the story up here in the sierra. we are seeing interesting amount of weather here up at the 5,000-foot elevation mark. we are seeing rain and snow and a lot of wind and the wind pushing off the hilltops into the side as it goes dark over there. but just two days ago 48 hours we were able to go down that embankment and show you the first snow of the year. it is so deep packed because of the amount that's fallen it's too dangerous to go down there but i want to get to video and show you what chain control is like right now for the truckers chaining up. drum 4 bay is where it is on the eastbound side that's about two exits before you get to blue canyon and the truckers really enjoy it because caltrans actually gave the cars and trucks and he is score for
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about file miles up the interstate going slow as the crews got in position and got their chain control up and ready to go at. it was light snow at that time. listen to this. >> it is a lot easier to chain up in flat land. you run over the snow and you can't even see the chains in piles of snow. it's better here. >> reporter: once you get to the 5,000 elevation foot mark kind of snow falling a lot going on on the ground. so we have seen caltrans plowing both eastbound and westbound sides already. if you are leaving the bay area coming up to the sierra, there are chain requirements for all area freeways up here. thank goodness it doesn't snow in san francisco because that would be very bad for game one of the world series later on tonight, guys. >> good point by you, sean. >> we don't want any snow delays. sean bennett live in blue canyon, thank you. >> lawrence and i were saying, outside of death, putting chains on is right up there.
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>> i know. >> eight tires! that's the worst thing. >> i can't even imagine doing it with big rig, freezing temperatures like that? no way. are we going to see rain for the world series? i think we are going to be okay, although it's coming down fairly heavy right now along the peninsula. it's starting to break up as the system slides through toward the san jose area right now. taking you in for a closer look you see some of those showers just beginning to pick up in parts of northern san jose toward fremont and you're seeing good cells. the peninsula rain onshore near half moon bay. it's beginning to break up. through the morning things begin to settle down. out the door now, plan on cloudy skies, rainy conditions toward the coastline. showers elsewhere. and then by the afternoon, those skies are going to part very similar to yesterday so not a rainout by the afternoon just a slight chance of showers as we head throughout the day. if you are planning on traveling around the state watch out of course in the high country. they need some chains, winter weather advisories at 4,000 feet. maybe another 4" of snow up there. about 69 degrees partly cloudy
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in fresno. maybe some leftover showers into the monterey bay. the storm door is still open. but this probably is last day before we shut it down. morning rain today, slight chance of showers this afternoon. let's see if we can time it out for game time. the system coming through early on today. then by the afternoon things move out, skies part a bit and then only a slight chance of showers for the world series but cool. fog at the coast late tonight. today, temperatures cooler as you approach the coast. 50s and 60s there. you will see 60s elsewhere inside the south bay. 60s in the east bay with sunshine. a few clouds by the afternoon. about 59 degrees in daly city. 63 in san francisco. 64 in santa rosa. next couple of days, storm clouds will head on out. we'll dry out toward the weekend. warmer temperatures maybe mid- 70s on saturday and sunday. next best chance of rain by late next tuesday, gianna. >> all right. lawrence, thank you very much. i'm going to start with good news. we have some earlier bart delays in san francisco headed
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towards the pittsburg-bay point direction. that's been cleared. so everything is looking good for mass transit. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries right on time. minneapolis great choice heading out to game one of the world series. a trouble spot on 280 extension near cesar chavez. we have reports of flooding in the right lane. seeing yellow on our sensors so traffic is slow through that area.northbound 280 at serramonte, injury accident slowing you down around there. checking your drive time through the peninsula, again northbound 10192 to the 80 split looking good so far. 280 not showing any delays. that can change though because that accident serramonte in daly city and 92 not too bad, san mateo bridge also checking in problem-free. 880 southbound side headlights going towards hayward. we are seeing extra volume. northbound a couple of accidents, one at 7th, one at broadway. looks like they are wrapping up
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but slow towards the maze there. and southbound 101 golden gate bridge, through marin, looks like traffic moving okay. but slick surfaces a little busy into san francisco. and so far so good in the south bay. outside of some slight delays northbound 101 through san jose, we are not seeing really any trouble spots through san jose also 280 looking good. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. a fatal shark attack claimed the life of a 39-year- old surfer off the coast of santa barbara county. francisco solario junior was surfing when he suffered a bite on his torso. a friend dragged the bleeding man to shore but he couldn't be saved. authorities are examining his wounds and bite marks on his surfboard to determine what species of shark killed him. his death marks the 13th fatal shark attack in california waters since 1950. massachusetts officials are working to revoke the licenses of three pharmacists at a lab
6:21 am
linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak. investigators found the compounding center didn't properly test equipment or sterilize medications. the outbreak sickened 285 people, killed 23 others. more than 17,000 vials of the tainted steroid were sent out to clinics in 23 states including here in california. it is 6:21. coming up, it is now one of the most famous pieces of giants history. so what happened to hunter pence's bat from the big game 7? we'll tell you. >> the pitching matchup for game one of the world series is set. the surprising line-up for the giants. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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world series this evening. zito was the giant 6:4. barry saturday tow is going to start the first game of the world series tonight. he was the giants hero in game
6:25 am
5, the nlcs, to bring the series back to the bay. his world series start comes two years after he was left off the post-season roster. the manage her trouble letting zito know he is going to pitch tonight. >> there it goes. >> how did barry respond to that when you told him? did you tell him yesterday or -- or -- today or -- >> he told him today. i try i had to call him all day. he left his -- i tried to call him all day. he left his phone at the ballpark. >> maybe it had some champagne in it. he will face verlander in the opener tonight at at&t park. it maybe the most famous bat in baseball right now. no one knows where it. that would be hunter pence's magical broken bat that disappeared after monday's game. this morning comcast sports said it was accidentally sold by the team. a lucky fan paid $400 for it during a post-game auction. the bat and pens's double that
6:26 am
scored three put the giants up 5-0 in the game 7 clincher. he wants the bat back. he may be in luck. season ticketholder has called the giants to say he bought the bat and wants pence to have it back. and i'm sure hunter will give him a couple of good bats maybe a couple of autographs and he should be in good shape. >> and some cash. >> maybe some cash, too. we'll see. the play of the day comes from a little basketball. a little preseason tilt here. we have miami playing and in would be a guy by the name of lebron james. rusty? i think not. he can dunk it off. they kick it off in a week and a half. >> nice to see basketball in action too. 6:26. coming up rumors of a possible cover-up. >> the new questions surrounding a port of oakland party at a strip club. >> it is something that god intended to happen. >> more campaign controversy. the reaction of one senate candidate's comments on women and rape.
6:27 am
>> we are several hours away from the first world series game but at&t park is alive and awake. how to get tickets to tonight's game. closed captioning brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween. [ train whistle blows ] >> closed captioning brought to you by sleep train, wishing you a fun and safe halloween!
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wenger. michelle is off this morning. and i'm frank mallicoat. one of the world >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it's wednesday, october 24. i'm elizabeth wenger. michelle griego is off this morning. >> i'm frank mallicoat. game one of the world series less than 12 hours away. >> and the presidential candidates kick their campaigns into high gear. >> those stories and much more coming up in your "morning minute."
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game one of the world series just hours away. the bay area ablaze in orange and black. >> i'm told that the most expensive seats sold online so far was $4,000. >> push him like that man. >> a violent arrest caught on cell phone with two very different stories. >> i feel that they made a good judgment call. went over there and started beating him up with no questions asked. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> explosive comments in one of america's most closely watched senate races. those candidates are racing across the country focusing on battleground states in the last two weeks of the election. >> we haven't heard an agenda from the president. that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is full speed ahead. >> i have laid out a plan for jobs and middle class security. unlike mitt romney i'm proud to talk about what's in my plan. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning."
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♪ [ music ] the world series is hitting a fever pitch in the bay area where it is 2010 all over again. >> bring it on this. time the world series will open here in san francisco. we have live team coverage of a little giants fever this morning. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with how to avoid the traffic mess but we kick it off with anne makovec at at&t park where the security sweep is under way. anne, take it away. >> reporter: that's right. the sun has not come up but they are prepping for the first game of the world series tonight here at at&t park. i'm here at willie mays plaza. espn is setting up to broadcast the big game. cars are driving by honking their horns at us. look at the video we shot a few minutes ago. this is the field still covered up because we have been seeing on-and-off rain throughout the morning. and what you're looking at right now is the view that you would also get if you lined up
6:33 am
this morning along the promenade. that's by the mccovey cove side of at&t park. you can catch three innings of the game for free before they rotate people out. over the past 24 hours, crews have been sprucing up willie mays plaza cleaning prepping and polishing and inside the giants dugout store fans are snapping up anything orange and black. local businesses in the meantime are gearing up for a lot of extra customers, fans and also those who just come to the neighborhood to be part of the giants hoopla. the series is expected to bring millions to local businesses. >> we have had positive impact and i think anytime you can keep people using public transportation and walking and, you know, going by the businesses, i think it's great. >> reporter: all right. if you are looking for a ticket, the average price for a ticket online for games 1 and 2 is $700. 3 to $400 for standing room
6:34 am
only. now around town, we can see orange lights and decorations everywhere. the fairmont hotel transformed inside and out. giants pride everywhere you look. the city awash in orange so even if you are not a sports fan, it's pretty easy to get caught up in the fever. again, tonight's first pitch starts at 5:07. live at at&t park, i'm anne makovec. let's check in with cate caugiran. she is talking transportation for tonight's game. cate. >> reporter: anne, as you said, it will bring millions to businesses and thousands of people to the city with all of this world series hype. so city leaders right now are encouraging people to get around easy, take public transit. the pre-game activities will start at 1:30 this afternoon. more people will be coming in, in a few hours. the city has a plan to accommodate thousands of fans coming here to san francisco. the vallejo baylink ferry will have a specific ferry to each game this week. and each one holds about 300 and the service says they will
6:35 am
not take overflow. bart will be operating longer trains and additional event trains and have extra staff on hand to help people out to navigate the system. also mta is adding 8 extra shuttles that will start 3 hours before the game taking you to at&t park. mayor lee says san francisco will be ready for these huge crowds. >> we're having to go about our work in a very time constrained way to make sure that everyone who comes here whether it's to our airport or muni or public transportation all are taken care of. >> reporter: now, i check in with each form of public transit. there are ways you can buy your tickets ahead of time and doing this will save you those longer lines. so on your way to work, you might want to check in with this see if you you can buy those roundtrip tickets. the embarcadero station will be offering free roundtrip tickets starting at 2:00. it's important for people who aren't watching the game, who are planning to watch them at bars or at home there will be a
6:36 am
lot of people here in san francisco so plan ahead. i think that's just your best bet today. live by the embarcadero, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> thank you. all the world series games start at 5:07 our time and if you are looking for gear, a photo gallery, guide, anything world series related, food, go to so are we going to get any sleep over the next few days? >> it starts at 5:00 but they usually go until 9:00 so we'll be up late. >> if there's a rain delay we may not sleep tonight. that could happen but i don't think it's going to. rain out there this morning out the door. seeing showers, some heavy activity along the peninsula spreading south into the hills there the east bay, as well. you are, the cells there on 280 -- you can see the cells there on 280 in fremont are heavy. it's beginning to break up. temperatures cool 40s and 50s with showers. by the afternoon, just a widely
6:37 am
scattered chance of showers outside. doesn't look like it will be a rainout. the game is look good. slight chance of showers for the world series. that's the latest from here. let's check traffic. >> we are going live now to conditions along 580. we have our photographer edgar standing by. this is 580 in castro valley. you can see traffic just crawling along. accident northbound 280 as well along the peninsula. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge, as well. you can see traffic starting to load up a bit in both directions. so again lawrence seeing some of the rain, trouble spot in daly city northbound 280 at serramonte cleared to the right shoulder slight delays approaching the area. 101 yellow there on the sensors getting busy in both directions and flooding reported along 280 extension near cesar chavez is going to slow things down, as well. and a wind advisory for the bay
6:38 am
bridge. metering lights are on. you're back to the approach to the toll plaza. back to yo. >> you. two people are dead after a fiery plane crash in eastern contra costa county. that plane went down yesterday afternoon in a farmer's field near the byron airport. witnesses tell us they heard that plane sputter before it crashed. both the pilot and passenger were killed. their names have not been released. it is 6:38 now. there are allegations of a cover-up in connection with that port of oakland party at a strip club in houston, texas a year or two ago. the name of the port director omar benjamin was apparently redacted from copies of the party receipts that the "chronicle" was given. benjamin and the port's maritime director disagree about whether benjamin was at that pricy party some four years ago. city leaders in oakland have approved several agreements in connection with the plan to redevelop a former army base. the billion-dollar public- private project is expected to create a few thousand jobs and boost business for the port of
6:39 am
oakland. the army left the 366-acre base 13 years ago and it was later divided between the city and the port. in a razor-thin vote the san jose city council opposes ballot d to raise minimum wage to $10 an hour. some say they need to earn more to live in an expensive city like san jose. opponents are concerned the measure would harm local business. the presidential race now taking on extra urgency in its final two weeks as both inning make candidates scramble -- bow presidential candidates scramble to gain votes in key swing state. president obama will travel 5300 miles today to iowa, colorado, nevada and southern california. meanwhile republican challenger mitt romney also doing some traveling with stops today in reno and iowa. here he is yesterday in colorado. >> look, these are tough times for a lot of americans. and the president's answer to this is another stimulus and
6:40 am
more government workers and higher taxes. that hasn't worked. >> i want you to look at our plan. compare it to governor romney's plan. see which man you think is better for -- which plan you think is better for you and america's future. >> no! >> he says he has a plan. >> hard to keep track of them. that was the president yesterday in ohio. in general, polls shows the president has an edge in the electoral votes but that depends on the outcomes of nine states still too close to call. a u.s. senator candidate statement about rape. in the debate last night richard mourdock was talking about abortion and how he feels it should only be allowed if it's to save the life of the mother. >> even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that god intended to happen. >> a romney spokesman says his comments don't reflect romney's views. he had a tv ad with mourdock. no word whether the ad will be
6:41 am
pulled. stranded for days in sierra snow. so why didn't an 82-year-old man use his cell phone to call for help? >> we're still trying to figure it out. >> plus he is the cutest addition to the san francisco zoo. how this little guy could have a big impact on the world series. >> and the market opened 10 minutes ago. it's been a tough couple of days but so far, so good out of the gate. everything is up. we'll talk numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks right after the break.
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for your halloween decorati- check this out. a rootop puk in leesb ♪[ music ] >> frank's learning all about gang man style. if you thought about channeling korean pop for your halloween decorations check this out. a rooftop pumpkin in leesburg virginia sings along in this
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style. this masterpiece uses more than 8500 lights plus 250 channels of computer animation. so far that video has nearly 19,000 hits on youtube. >> i understand next to air supply that's number one on lawrence karnow's ipod. >> it is. he was doing a little dancing. >> like the macarena. it's like a big deal. yeah. >> i know. >> not at all. so lost. >> no way. around the bay area today we have some showers showing up early on especially along the peninsula making its way into parts of the south bay. taking you in for a closer look, you can see some pretty good cells rolling on through still along 280 and the 101. watch out for that. 880 showers there. and it is quickly making its way southward so i think throughout the day today the skies are going to part and it will be like yesterday but starting out with some rain at the coast, showers elsewhere right now. temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. by the afternoon, yeah, there's still a chance we could see a widely scattered shower but i
6:46 am
think we'll see a lot of sunshine in between the clouds and temperatures will be in the 40s and upper 60s in the warmest inland areas. so the storm door is still open for today. we have morning rain on tap a chance of some widely scattered showers toward the afternoon. and let's see if we can time this out. we have the world series coming up this afternoon, as well. so we have some rain early on today. and then the system moves on through. behind that things begin to break up a little bit. ful game time there's going to be april couple clouds moving through. it will be cool and brisk and a slight chance of a light shower. throughout the day cool at the coast, 50s and 60s, upper 60s toward morgan hill. upper 60s inland in brentwood and antioch. mid-60s toward vallejo and also into the napa valley. and as you get inside the bay about 6 degrees in san francisco. and about 59 degrees in daly city. next couple of days we dry out. skies part a little bit. warmer weather expected over
6:47 am
the weekend. then maybe a chance of more rain toward the middle of next week. let's check the roads now with gianna. >> all right. it is a busy commute in morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. here's a live look at conditions. you can see headlines just beyond the raindrops. backed up almost to the maze with metering lights on. elsewhere, the rest of the bay area bridges not too bad. san mateo bridge drive times are inching up. about 16 to 17 minutes hayward and foster city and no accidents or stalled vehicles. those taillights going towards foster city. golden gate bridge, this is actually looking good. you're clear out of marin county into san francisco. 14 minutes, 580 to the golden gate bridge. northbound serramonte accident cleared to the right shoulder you can see green along 280 so traffic cleared up nicely around that area. looks like 101 better, as well. so good news there. elsewhere we are still getting reports of some flooding 280
6:48 am
near cesar chavez along the 280 extension so heads up there. drive times in the east bay are where we are seeing most of our delays right now. carquinez bridge to the maze, westbound 30 minutes there as you work your way towards the bay bridge. the altamont pass lots of brake lights westbound 580 towards 680. that's a look at traffic. back to you. >> thank you. finally some positive news for all your facebook stockholders out there. >> we have been waiting toker this. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. wall street definitely liking the earnings report from facebook that came down after yesterday's closing bell. company says it made $153 million in mobile advertising revenue in the 3rd quarter. 7 months ago they didn't make anything from mobile advertising and that's just a key area for facebook in which it needs to grow revenue since more of its subscriber base, which is now up to 1 billion users, are now accessing the site solely through smartphones and tablets. facebook stock is soaring out
6:49 am
of gates this morning. right now it's up by 21%. not such good news for netflix. the company in its earnings report disclosed it's projecting new subscribers this year between 4.7 and 5.4 million. earlier this year they projected 7 million new subscribers. and as a result, netflix stock is falling backwards by about 12% although they have done well on expansion plans of late. apple stock fell over 3% yesterday when it debuted the ipa mini because of the pricing at $329 for the entry level 16 gig wi-fi-only version. that's $129 more than competing sized tablets from google and amazon. but apple is rebounding this morning along with the market after a rough day yesterday. apple up over 1%. dow up 18 after dropping 243 yesterday. nasdaq is up by 10. and s&p moving higher by 2 points. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks with
6:50 am
kcbs and if you swiped a credit card at barnes & noble recently, check your bank statement. customers at 63 stores across the country may have had their accounts hacked. apparently hackers broke into the key pads in the front of cash registers. that security breach was discovered more than a month ago but was kept quiet as federal authorities investigated. time now for a look at what's coming up a little later on "cbs this morning." >> norah o'donnell joins us from new york. we understand you're a big giants fan. is that right? >> it is. you know, my best friend growing up we just moved out from san francisco and her son is a big fan so we always talk about baseball with them, yes. >> good. go, giants. >> yeah. >> we had a big -- >> we have a big game today. >> i know, 5:00 our time we'll be watching you guys. good morning to you. ahead on "cbs this morning," we have a bold theft at one of the swankiest casinos in las vegas. john miller is here with how this thief pulled off the venetian heist and what the
6:51 am
casino is doing to keep him from cashing in. plus, you know james dyson seen him on tv, the inventer who revolutionized vacuums. well, he is here with his new cleaning creation. also, in studio 57, one of my favorites also a big baseball fan, but a fan of st. louis, author john grisham. when we see you at 7:00. >> wow. >> all right, norah. >> vacuums, john grisham a little every everything. >> see you at 7:00. an 82-year-old man is okay after spending three days stranded in his truck in a sierra snowstorm. >> we love this story. ed boyston usually leaves his house near emigrant gap before the snow begins but the timing didn't quite work out this time. then his chains broke. so he spent three days in his truck just hanging out eating peaches and peanuts. >> i sat there for about a little over two days. the third day i guess i called 911. >> i'm sorry, ed. you sat in your car for almost
6:52 am
three days?! >> yeah. >> why didn't you call 911 an hour after you were stuck? >> well, why get excited, you know? >> just a chill guy. >> he was on vacation, you know? >> hanging out in his truck. >> enjoying the snow. a placer county sheriff's sergeant drove him to colfax to meet a friend who then drove ed to his second home in bay point. >> he had a couple of energy drinks to help him. giants fans are going to the san francisco zoo to visit a pretty cute good luck charm for the team. >> how ironic is this. it's a monkey born last week with an orange head. the zoo says it was born right before the giants rallied to win their play-off series against cincinnati and now they are calling it the rally monkey. and they are of course having a contest to name it. posey and scutaro are the leading names. one is the mvp for the season and one north nlcs. >> just can't get enough of it. these ears, you want to grab
6:53 am
him and take him home. so cute. time now 6:52. >> a black and orange wave is cresting over san francisco. >> first pitch at 5:07. it's not too early to get excited about the world series here at at&t park. we'll tell you about the field and how to get tickets next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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,,,,,,,,,,,, we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business
6:56 am
at 5:07.. in san francisco and giants fever is in full swing! cbs-5 repo if you haven't heard the world series kicks off tonight 5:07 in san francisco. >> we have a game tonight? >> and giants fever is in full swing. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec over at at&t park where security sweeps have already made you move a couple of times, haven't they? >> reporter: yes, that's right. we were in the back of the field now we are in the front
6:57 am
here at willie mays plaza. we have seen a lot of vehicles drive past, people are honking their horns. the excitement is beginning. you can see the tv crew for a national network setting up for the broadcast. let's go to the other side of the park. we shot this video on the mccovey cove side. the infield covered up to keep it dry in advance of tonight's game first pitch at 5:07. crews have been preparing the park for its world series extravaganza since monday night and fans have been buying anything labeled giants. the dugout store and beyond all decked out for tonight. if you are looking for tickets, stubhub is a decent bet because that website has a partnership with at&t park so that gives you some protection. about $300 to $400 for standing room only right now. here's an insider tip if you want to watch the game for free. go to the waterfront promenade on the other side of the park and watch three innings at a time depending on how long the line is. i'm expecting people to start shopping up there sometime this morning. live at at&t park, anne
6:58 am
makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. who is going to the game tonight? okay. we'll be watching. won't we? >> i wish i was. >> yeah. >> how about the weather. >> yeah. we have the rain out there right now. the showers continuing to work along the peninsula into the south bay. hines will begin to wind down and then just some widely scattered showers possible by the afternoon. how about this? heading to the game tonight? still a slight chance of a couple of showers nothing like the other night though, gianna. >> that's good news. all right. so we are dealing with some delays on the freeways because of this rain. and mass transit ace train number 5 seven minutes late out of manteca. caltrain delays northbound train number 217, 13 minutes late due to signal problems. bart a good choice this morning and a great choice this afternoon, as well. >> especially if you are going to the game. >> yeah. take bart. >> right. >> want to do it for us? >> that's pathetic. [ laughter ] >> go, giants! get one tonight. at&t park. we'll see you again tomorrow morning. captions by: caption colorado ,, ,,,,,,
6:59 am

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